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Oil-Ninja's are here!

We are so excited to launch the Oil-Ninja site! We have been involved with essential oils for about 16 years and have tried nearly 100 different brands of oils. We have used "big names" and home distilled micro brands. We have purchased oils from around the world on a quest to find something that would give us consistent results that we could trust. We have learned a LOT along the way and through our 16 years of using oils with our family (at first) and everyone else we meet!

The Oil-Ninja's are a team of people who are unified in one purpose.... to get the highest quality essential oils into every home in the world! That is a monumental task and one that requires us to find other like minded individuals who share our passion for service, friendship, essential oils, and love!

Our team is spreading around the globe with people who all have one thing in common. We all feel a longing to answer the call for help from those who are literally on their knees, praying for better health and financial freedom!

I personally believe that God most often answers prayers though us! We welcome you here and hope that as you look around....that it feels like home!

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