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Everyone says that "their oils"are the best.  With doTERRA, you can see the actual test results for every bottle of essential oil that your purchase.  Did you know that MOST "essential oils" in the marketplace today are synthetics that were created in a lab?  Yep, even those that are labeled "100% pure"  or "All Natural.  So, who can you trust?  You can trust YOU!  Take the challenge.  Compare our oils side by side with any other oil that you have.  Your body will tell you what all eight of the scientific tests prove.... These are the purest essential oils on the planet.  Period.

Certified pure tested grade 

More than just a marketing term!

People will tell you that this is a term that doTERRA made up.  Guess what?  They're right!  The world didn't have a standard high enough to describe the quality of these essential oils.  Organic wasn't good enough.  100% pure means nothing.  doTERRA raised the bar and invites everyone to reach it.  The fact is,...others won't even try.  Why not?  Because running EVERY batch of essential oil through all of the multiple tests EVERY time is expensive, and small companies simply don't have the resources necessary to do it.  The companies who do some random testing usually go with a GC/MS test.  Unfortunately, today's synthetic oils can fool that test.  That is one of the reasons that the multiple tests are needed.  Learn more about each of the purity tests RIGHT HERE.

co-impact sourcing

The relationships we continue to develop with growers around the world not only ensures that our quality standards are maintained throughout the process, but also that these farmers, their families, and their entire communities benefit greatly!  When doTERRA forms a partnership with our growers, me make a commitment to them and their families for generations to come.  We build schools and medical clinics.  We provide training, scholarships, and hope.  We are not looking for a quick "in and out" arrangement where we take what we need and move on.  We become a significant and permanent part of their families and communities.  Please LEARN MORE HERE.

Healing Hands

doTERRA is all about service, giving and loving.  The dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation seeks to bring healing and hope to the world, to promote lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.  

Healing Hands is the doTERRA charity that supports a variety of noble and worthwhile causes.  Unlike many charities that take a large portion of their donations to cover executive salaries and operating costs, 100% of all funds received by Healing Hands goes directly to the causes we support.  doTERRA covers all of the administrative costs associated with running the charity.  They even offer special products like the "Rose Lotion" where they pay for all of the costs of the product and donate 100% of the sale price to Healing Hands!  Please get involved with Healing Hands!  You can LEARN MORE HERE 

Want to learn more?

CLICK HERE to see different uses for oils, Safety Guidelines, and more

Essential Oils 101

If you're new to essential oils, this is the place to start!

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