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Essential Oil Ninja!

Confidence in using essential oils comes from having the right tools, the right support team (us!), and your own oil experiences!  Let's get you started on this journey by helping you to become a wholesale customer, choose the essential oil kit that makes the most sense for your needs, and make sure that we get you the information that you need to get started on the right foot!

Here we go!

Step1:  CLICK HERE to go to the enrollment page.

- Once there, click "Become a Member" at the top of the page

-(You will see the wellness advocate & wholesale customer options.  Choose the "Wholesale Customer" option)  Scroll towards the bottom of the page where it says "Become a member for free with the purchase of a kit" and use the arrows to look through the different kits that are available!  The $35 membership fee is waived with the purchase of any of these kits!

Step 2:  Choose your preferred language and your Country.  (We can help your friends all over the world!)

Step 3:  Hit "Continue", and select the "WHOLESALE CUSTOMER" option.  (This is a great option even for people who may be interested in sharing oils with others or building a business with doTERRA!  This is your chance to "test drive" the company and the products.  It also gives us a chance to get to know each other so we can help you find the perfect fit as a valued part of our team! )


Step 4:  Continue and complete your personal information.  Be sure you list your best email and phone number so we can contact you!


Step 5:  Where it says "enroller ID" and "sponsor ID", be sure you put 17824 for both if it is not already filled in!  (This is critical or your enrollment will go off into space and I won't be able to get you the tools you need or the help you will want!)   Be sure to choose a password you can remember, and click the little box at the bottom of the page.

Step 6:  IF you didn't select one of the awesome enrollment kits, then it's time to shop!  This is the fun part!  

-You can either purchase the $35 Introductory Packet and then add all of the products you want down below, OR you can choose an Oil Kit!

- Oil Kits save you even more money than buying individually!

-The $35 introductory fee is waived if you buy a kit!

-Kits have the most popular and most widely used oils included in them!

-You can still add other products you want with the kit of your choice.

-Visit our OIL KITS page to see what is included in each of the kits or just click on the image of each kit while you are shopping.

-The biggest regret most people have when choosing a kit is "I wish I would have bought the larger kit!  I want all of these oils!"  If you are unsure of which kit to get, please contact me and I would be happy to walk you through the advantages of each one.  One of my favorites is the Natural Solutions kit or for people who are ready to build an oil business....the Every Oil or the Oil Sharing kits are awesome!  I actually keep a list of products I want, and I just budget to get a few of them each month rather than all at once.  

Step 7:  Select your shipping method.  I have to let you in on another Oil-Ninja Secret!  The standard shipping and the economy shipping usually only have a day or two time difference in most parts of the country!  I also have to tell you about doTERRA's frequent buyer program, because if you place future orders as Loyalty Rewards orders, you get your standard shipping costs reimbursed in the form of product points that you can spend on free product!!!  It's like getting free shipping!  Learn about the Loyalty Rewards Program HERE!  (It's totally optional and flexible....and amazing!  It's the smartest way to purchase your oils at the lowest possible price and get up to 30% back in FREE PRODUCTS!  Yep!, 25% up front wholesale discount, up to 30% back in free product, and your shipping back in free products!  I told you it was the smartest way to buy oils!)

CLICK HERE to get started!  You're going to love this journey!  If you have any issues at all with this process and would like me to get on the phone and walk you through it, CLICK HERE and We will figure this out together!

One more thing before you go.  82% of everyone who gets their own doTERRA wholesale account simply wants to be a customer and enjoy the discounts, the free product of the month, and the loyalty rewards points.  There are a few people who are interested in sharing oils and earning enough money to get their personal oils for free or even have a little extra money each month.  Some people even want to make a career out of it.  IF ANY OF THESE POSSIBILITIES SOUND INTERESTING TO YOU, click the video below!

Have You Thought About Selling Essential Oils as a Business?

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