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Purchase Essential Oils

If you are looking to simply purchase an Essential Oil to use yourself, and you want to pay retail prices,  clicking HERE,  but before you go, check out this Oil-Ninja Secret Information...



Oil-Ninja Secret Information:

  • Friends don't let friends pay retail!  Even if you think you are only going to purchase a few oils, you will want to get your own WHOLESALE CUSTOMER account!  (Think Costco or Sam's Club.)

    • For a small membership fee of $35, you will save 25% up front....on every purchase

    • IMPORTANT:  There is no commitment and you are not stuck in some program where you're forced to order every month!  Order one time this year or as often as you would like... It's up to you!  You save 25% on everything!  CLICK HERE to start saving.  Be sure to select the "WHOLESALE CUSTOMER" option!

  • When you are a wholesale member, you can also earn free product!  That's right!  You can earn 10 to 30% back on your purchases....and that's on top of the 25% up front discount!  And you thought oils were expensive!  In case your reading this late at night, I'll do the math for you....You can get 25% to 55% off the retail prices (discount and product points)!


  •  Check out our OPTIONAL frequent buyer program.  It's called LOYALTY REWARDS, and it is awesome!

    • If you order on this optional LOYALTY REWARDS program (LRP), you can also get a free product every month​

    • AND you can get your shipping costs reimbursed in more free product!  Shut the front door!  No wonder this is such a popular program!

  • Last Oil-Ninja Secret Tip:  The most popular oils that you will need are available in a convenient starter kit.

    • When you purchase a kit, the $35 membership fee is waived!​

    • You get an additional discount, above and beyond the 25%!

    • CLICK HERE to see the essential oil kits

If you have ANY issues at all, or just have questions:  CLICK HERE
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