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doTERRA Sourcing

One of the things that makes doTERRA truly unique and is a key component in achieving CPTG quality is our Co-Impact Sourcing program.  We don't compete with local farmers where we source our plant materials, we partner with them and empower them!  In turn, their commitment to bringing the highest quality oils to you and I, and their loyalty to doTERRA means that they prosper and we have a stable supply of these precious essential oils. 

Vetiver - Haiti

Wintergreen - Nepal

Lifting Communities

See the sourcing video for your favorite oil by clicking HERE

Sometimes we start to think things like "I am only one person...I can't do anything that makes a difference..."  I have seen first hand the impact that YOU can have in the lives of growers, harvesters, their families, and their communities when you simply purchase a bottle of doTERRA essential oil.  

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