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Does this make you ANGRY!!!?

Have you ever walked through the airport with a couple of large suitcases, and your overstuffed carry-on bag,... and your purse, and your jacket, and your water bottle.....? What if this was you and someone came up and ask you to carry their bags too? Can you see this in your mind? If you've flown with kids, you know what I'm talking about and you know that it is NO FUN!

In our everyday lives, for some reason we like to carry our baggage around with us....all day...everywhere we go. That baggage comes in all shapes and colors and sizes. Some of it is labeled "I'm not good enough" or "I'm not worthy." Perhaps you carry that huge heavy bag of "Fear" and "Limiting Beliefs". It seems that everywhere you look, people are trying to add weight to those bags. I stopped watching the news about 3 years ago because I got tired of carrying that baggage. Do you have people in your life that just want to talk about all of their problems? Do you know people that wouldn't have anything to say if they weren't complaining about something? Might I just suggest that your load is heavy enough without carrying other peoples baggage. Make it a goal to stop picking it up!

Do you carry that little hard shell bag called "Anger"? Can you think of someone that you are mad at without even trying? Anger is a small bag, but it is so very heavy. In fact, when we are carrying around anger, it can be hard to even get to the places that we want to go! This is the week of Thanksgiving and it's hard to be truly thankful and grateful when we are holding on to anger. Jim Rohn said "You cannot determine the direction of the wind, but you can set your own sail." We can't control what other people say and do, but we CAN control how we respond and let it affect us! If what other people do makes us angry and changes our mood and attitude, that person has the power! If we don't let their words or actions influence us, then WE HAVE THE POWER!

Will you please start to unload your baggage by thinking of just one person who you feel has harmed, offended, upset or displeased you and forgive them? Put in your frozen DVD and sing along to "Let it go" if you need to! You will feel so much better when you do! If you like how it makes you feel (and you will!), pick someone else and do it again tomorrow! I know what you are thinking...."this is hard!" I'm going to be honest...YES! IT CAN BE!

I found something that helps me, and I know that it will help you to. Get yourself a bottle of the forgive blend, oil up, take courage....and let it go! Best Wishes! - Tony

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