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Grateful? Does it matter?

Life can get super busy...even down right CRAZY sometimes! It seems like we are all going a million miles per hour and not really getting anywhere. It can be a bit overwhelming for sure!

Recently, I lost a very good friend to brain cancer. She taught me so many things but one of my favorites was to say "Thank you. Thank You. Thank You!". When we have an attitude of gratitude, it really helps us to put things into perspective! As bad as our day may be going sometimes, our situation and our life is so much better than what the majority of the world lives through every single day!

We have SO VERY MUCH to be grateful for and by expressing that gratitude we change our energy and our perspective and we allow the law of attraction to bring into our lives the good things that we are seeking.

I challenge each of us to take just 5 minutes at the beginning of our day to quietly meditate and ponder about all of the things we have to be grateful for in our lives. I find it helpful to apply a little "peace" or "forgive" essential oil blend to my wrists, to the back of my neck and also into the palms of my hands so I can inhale the aroma deeply before I start. You may also want to start a "gratitude journal" where you simply list 3 or 4 things each day that you are grateful for. After a few weeks, you will be amazed as you re-read your growing list of blessings in your life!

If you need a little help getting started with the things you are grateful for, here is a little help from the internet:

  1. Being able to google a list of things to be grateful for so I don't have to type them myself!

  2. Holidays where you can spend time with the important people in life.

  3. Having a romantic partner or spouse who is there for you

  4. Being surrounded by friends and family

  5. Your children

  6. Having access to clean, drinkable water

  7. Not being hungry and having an abundance of food

  8. Having a roof over your head and safe place to live

  9. Your parents who raised and molded you in the person you are today

  10. Kindness from strangers and random acts of kindness

  11. Mistakes that helped you grow as a person

  12. Modern conveniences that weren't available even a century ago (electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning)

  13. Having full use of your senses like eye-sight, hearing, and taste

  14. A new book

  15. Not being hungry and having an abundance of food

  16. The ability to learn something new

  17. The kindness of strangers

  18. A warm campfire on a cold night camping

  19. Feeling of acceptance

  20. The beauty of a work of art that moves you

  21. Making a final payment on a loan

  22. A nice hot shower

  23. Healthy foods

  24. The voice of a friend or relative you have not seen in a long time.

  25. The ability to work from home -in your pajamas

  26. A beautiful sunrise

  27. The sound of a song you love

  28. Simply relaxing and playing a board game with friends or family

  29. Catching up with your favorite blog

  30. Having a personal routine that helps you accomplish tasks efficiently

  31. The smell of freshly baked cookies

  32. Creating a gift for a family member with your own two hands. (crochet, woodworking, art etc.)

  33. Surprises

  34. Access to the medication you need to stay healthy.

  35. Free time on your “to do” list

  36. A hot cup of tea

  37. A home that is free of clutter

  38. The sincere appreciation of others

  39. A movie that makes you laugh

  40. The mother who gave you life, nurtured you, loved you, taught you and supported you.

  41. Seeing your favorite band in concert

  42. An ice cold drink after a hot day working in the yard.

  43. Questions in emails that can be resolved in a single sentence (this one always makes me happy.)

  44. New clothes

  45. The joy of rewarding yourself after completing a difficult task.

  46. The values handed down to you from your parents

  47. Entrepreneurs who constantly create technology that makes your life better

  48. Love that lasts a lifetime

  49. A really comfortable chair

  50. Knowing how to make a budget – and sticking to it!

  51. Visiting an amusement park.

  52. Snow days

  53. Respect from others

  54. Paydays

  55. Dancing for the pure joy of life

  56. Someone enjoying your writing/art/creativity

  57. When you're the recipient of a random act of kindness.

  58. Thank you notes

  59. Fresh popcorn — especially in a movie theater

  60. A favorite memory that you cherish

  61. An office desk with a great view

  62. Pizza

  63. The sense of accomplishment when you complete a difficult task

  64. The ability to complete a bucket list

  65. Puppies

  66. The feeling of uncontrollable laughter.

  67. Motivational quotes

  68. Being pushed to “think outside the box”

  69. A massage

  70. Teachers who spent the extra time to give you the knowledge you have today

  71. Taking a morning walk

  72. Bathing in a nice warm hot tub or thermal spring

  73. Fuzzy socks

  74. Your dog or cat snuggling with you when you feel bad

  75. Faith

  76. Having easy access to clean drinking water

  77. Chocolate

  78. The ability to spend time on a hobby you love

  79. Enjoying an episode of your favorite TV show

  80. Hugs

  81. The ability to learn from your mistakes

  82. A stranger opening the door for you when your hands are full

  83. The fresh smell of clean sheets

  84. Freedom of speech

  85. Coloring to relieve stress

  86. A colorful sunset

  87. The honesty of a child

  88. Happy people who make us happier simply by their presence

  89. The feeling of accomplishment when you stop procrastinating and complete the task you have been avoiding

  90. Memories of your first kiss

  91. Enjoying a movie marathon

  92. The freedom of choice

  93. Internal strength

  94. A child’s face after they get a present

  95. Spellchecker

  96. Being in love

  97. Foreign cultures we can visit and learn from

  98. Having a vibrant imagination

  99. Meeting up with your friends for lunch

  100. That new car smell

  101. Being accountable for your actions

  102. Trying new things. (even if it is simple – like a new cup of coffee)

  103. Old photographs

  104. Technology – for allowing us to stay closely connected with friends and family regardless of distance

  105. Netflix and other streaming service options that provide an abundance of viewing options

  106. A safe landing after a rough plane ride

  107. Positivity — even when things are difficult

  108. Visiting new places, especially ones you've always dreamed of seeing

  109. Getting a full night's sleep

  110. Home cooked meals

  111. The pride of owning a home.

  112. The first flower of Spring

  113. Having a morning routine that gives you energy throughout your day.

  114. The weekend

  115. Happy memories from your childhood

  116. A unseasonably warm winter day

  117. Long drives listening to a great podcast or audiobook

  118. Therapy

  119. Real honesty

  120. People who care about the environment, human rights, and animals

  121. Meditation

  122. Your car after it has been cleaned and detailed

  123. Getting a facial

  124. Grandparents

  125. Being forgiven for my mistakes

  126. Finding unexpected money in your pockets

  127. Sitting down for dinner time with family

  128. Aromatherapy

  129. The fresh smell of a Christmas tree

  130. The snooze button

  131. A sibling who listens to your problems without judgement

  132. Kittens

  133. Acting like a kid again

  134. Sharing a smile with a stranger

  135. Overcoming your fears

  136. Fall when the leaves change colors

  137. Going for a swim in the ocean

  138. People who go out of their way to try to make us happy

  139. Clean air

  140. Dreamers who never give up

  141. The sounds and smell of the ocean

  142. Fresh healthy smoothies

  143. Good hair days

  144. Uncontrollable laughter

  145. Having a mental health day

  146. The heavy ozone scent right before and after a thunderstorm

  147. Driving and getting nothing but green lights

  148. Cell phones

  149. Spending the night in a fancy hotel

  150. God

  151. A warm cup of coffee

  152. Doing something spontaneous

  153. Getting your most important task completed early

  154. Cheering for your favorite team

  155. Having a picnic with your family

  156. Wearing something that makes your feel confident

  157. Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes

  158. Getting positive feedback from other

  159. Poetry

  160. Having a roof over your head

  161. Doing work that matters

  162. Taking a power nap

  163. Discussing old time times with an old friend

  164. Participating in a hobby you enjoy

  165. Watching a funny Youtube video

  166. Having the ability to read

  167. Having good friends who you can share good times with

  168. Quirky family traditions

  169. The convenience of Amazon shopping

  170. Feeling hope

  171. Feeling inspired

  172. Laughing so hard it makes you cry

  173. Healthy children

  174. Forgiving others

  175. The perfect playlist

  176. The smell of lavender

  177. Essential Oils

  178. Peace of mind

  179. The successes and accomplishments that you've achieved in your life

  180. Money in the bank

  181. Family vacation

  182. Good health

  183. Time to practice mindfulness

  184. The amazing scale of the universe

  185. Flying a kite

  186. Hearing good news

  187. Lists and organization

  188. Kindle

  189. Refreshing herbal teas

  190. Air conditioning

  191. Hiking trails where you can get out into nature

  192. A sincere apology from someone who hurt you deeply

  193. Honest conversations full of deep questions and getting to know someone better

  194. Showers with strong water pressure

  195. Walking on the beach

  196. Quiet time

  197. Free Wifi

  198. Overcoming anxieties

  199. Journaling (

  200. Farmer's markets and local craft fairs

  201. Books so awesome they keep you up all night reading

  202. Apple pie

  203. Feeling like a kid again

  204. The billions of stars on a clear night sky

  205. Remembering the people you have loved

  206. People sharing your stuff on social media

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