Grateful? Does it matter?

Life can get super busy...even down right CRAZY sometimes! It seems like we are all going a million miles per hour and not really getting anywhere. It can be a bit overwhelming for sure!

Recently, I lost a very good friend to brain cancer. She taught me so many things but one of my favorites was to say "Thank you. Thank You. Thank You!". When we have an attitude of gratitude, it really helps us to put things into perspective! As bad as our day may be going sometimes, our situation and our life is so much better than what the majority of the world lives through every single day!

We have SO VERY MUCH to be grateful for and by expressing that gratitude we change our energy and our perspective and we allow the law of attraction to bring into our lives the good things that we are seeking.

I challenge each of us to take just 5 minutes at the beginning of our day to quietly meditate and ponder about all of the things we have to be grateful for in our lives. I find it helpful to apply a little "peace" or "forgive" essential oil blend to my wrists, to the back of my neck and also into the palms of my hands so I can inhale the aroma deeply before I start. You may also want to start a "gratitude journal" where you simply list 3 or 4 things each day that you are grateful for. After a few weeks, you will be amazed as you re-read your growing list of blessings in your life!

If you need a little help getting started with the things you are grateful for, here is a little help from the internet:

  1. Being able to google a list of things to be grateful for so I don't have to type them myself!

  2. Holidays where you can spend time with the important people in life.

  3. Having a romantic partner or spouse who is there for you

  4. Being surrounded by friends and family

  5. Your children

  6. Having access to clean, drinkable water

  7. Not being hungry and having an abundance of food

  8. Having a roof over your head and safe place to live