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For the love of all that is good! Please!

What we need in the world today is a little less "listening to all of the noise" around us and a little more "using our heads" and common sense to get us through the day!

Why does everything have to be "Far Left" or "Far Right"? Why does everything need to be so divisive? Why do we have to look for the things that we disagree with in others rather than the things that we agree on? Why can't we disagree with a person's opinion but still like the person? Why do we judge and stereotype people because of one thing they say, do or support? Can a person be a good human being and still support Donald Trump, or any other candidate for President? If you say no, then if that person changes his mind and now supports a different candidate, is he now a good human? If you answered the first question with a "yes", do you now change your answer to a "no"?

I have traveled through a great deal of this amazing world of ours and there is one universal truth that I have discovered. There are amazingly great people of every nationality, color, religion and political persuasion. There are also genuine jerks in every one of these groups. Their color or views don't make them good or bad. If you have ever though of someone as "One of those people" in regards to ANYTHING they are associated with, I have some bad news for you. You my friend....are part of the problem.

Can we please stop grouping people together and assuming that everyone who doesn't agree with your personal beliefs is bad? Different does not equal's just different. I believe that we all need to stand up for the things that we believe in, but we do not do that by tearing down what someone else believes, we do that by talking about and by living what we believe. If I'm shopping for a product, I don't want someone to tell me what they hate about all of the other products that are available, I want them to tell me about the things that makes there product great! Can you imagine if our politicians didn't spend any time talking about why the other guy sucks and instead spent their time talking about why they are qualified to improve and to lead our country? It's a CRAZY concept I know! If that actually ever happened, we probably wouldn't hear about it. It's not news that sells. News that sells is full of fear, hate, tragedy, anger and problems.

Just do me a favor please. Next time, before you judge someone or condemn them for their beliefs, take some time to get to know them and to find out who they REALLY are and what they REALLY believe. I bet you have more in common with them than you think. - Tony

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