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Easy Popcorn Recipes!

If you haven't tried this super easy and yummy on guard/cinnamon popcorn recipe yet, you probably haven't been to one of your local doterra essential oil classes this fall! This recipe is "popping" up everywhere and you'll know why just as soon as you take your first bite! I found this image on pinterest (along with about 100 more). I did make one change that I think was an improvement. I suggest cutting the coconut oil amount in half. The texture of the finished product is a bit better if you do. Also, be sure and mix in your essential oils with your coconut oil before you add the maple syrup. Use real maple syrup, not the frank-n-food fake syrup!

Another family favorite popcorn treat at our house is a refreshing pepper and lime creation. Don't judge it until you try it! Honestly, I haven't had anyone try it that didn't like it! It is also SUPER easy!

1/2 cup organic popcorn kernals

2-6 Tbls of butter

1-2 drops of doTERRA Black Pepper essential oil

3-4 drops of doTERRA Lime essential oil

"Real Salt" by Redman to taste

Pop the popcorn and remove any up-popped kernels. Melt butter and stir in essential oils. You will want to play with the amount of butter that you use. We tend to use a little less than others may prefer. If you're using more than 4 tablespoons of butter, go with 2-3 drops of black pepper and 4-5 drops of lime.

Mix the butter/essential oil combo on the popcorn in a large bowl. Salt to taste and enjoy!

You can also try sprinkling just a touch of fresh chopped cilintro or yeast flakes!

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